Year 2014 SEO

Year 2014 SEO

SEO is a business that demands constant updates, strategy changes and adaptation like no other. We’re not talking about two minor varieties a year – something game changing is happening almost every day. Some sources say that Google changes its algorithms almost 600 times a year. Furthermore, SEO is not based only on links, but on many other factors. Thus, to be successful, you have to seek new solutions all the time and think outside the box. You cannot leave things go by even for a minute – either you analyze, follow every little piece of news and act accordingly or you’re out of business.

Here are some things that were the most surprising for SEO services in 2014:

January – Matt Cutts says that Guest Blogging is over

guest blogging is over

Vic Gundotra, Google+ leader leves his post


Panda 4.0 rolls over SERPs in May


Google Authorship disappears from search results and two months later it closes


New Pigeon algorithm is created to improve local searches


Matt Cutts leaves Google right after that


Google Carousel appears


GWT blog writes about HTTPS and its importance for SEO


Google+ Places becomes Google My Business


Penguin update in September makes everyone shiver


New algorithm that promotes mobile-friendly pages kicks the still lying SEO specialists


Bing shows up with its own version of Panda


As always, death of SEO is predicted a couple of times


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