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section_ecommerce_readySEO does not only depend on the optimization and the strategic thinking of leading a website. At times, a crucial move can depend on completely redesign or creation of a brand new website. The website design and redesign processes are one of our current business professions, apart from SEO services of course.

Therefore we offer extra help for businesses or individuals who have either difficulties with the redesigning of a website or simply need a professionally designed website and wish to determine how the website visitors react.

When designing a website, we have to be flexible when it comes to constant changes and adjustments. It is also a process that we need to fully take into consideration, and the adjustments we could do in future may determine the success of your website, taking all of the SEO factors into consideration.

WordPress, Drupal, e-commerce & CMS web design

We offer literally any services when it comes to designing – they could be either simple websites, CMS or even customized websites/portals. The last option requires the customer to choose how the entire website will look, including details, images, texts etc. We are willing to put everything together, and design whatever a customer desires, from scratch.

Our team creates natural structured websites, with no flaws and faults that could impact the SEO system, in fact we will design a website that will already have the foundations of the SEO work, and then simply progress with the design.

The main parts of the standard designing process will be: the prime categories, subcategories, texts, optimization, graphical sequences, images and other details. In fact, absolutely anything could be included that could enhance and support the customer experience, but it is all optional.

It is important to note that a website should be designed so it is adapted to the mobile version. We cannot exclude the mobile versions, as they are also crucial in the virtual world. Mobile devices are extremely important, especially recently, as the touchscreens have become even more popular, making it easier for the customers to browse through the website on thier phones. Traditional desktop browsers should not be ignored of course, but mobile-friendly sites are a priority. Google considers only one thing, and if there isn’t a mobile version, or the version isn’t completely compatible for mobiles, then you surely won’t be favoured.

Therefore we create both desktop and mobile design and eventually make the most suitable website that would appeal to all visitors.


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