UX – what is it and why it is important?

UX – what is it and why it is important?

user experience basics

Time and time again you can encounter an unfamiliar term “UX”. It is an abbreviation of “User Experience”, but that doesn’t cover every aspect of this subject. The main focus of UX is web and app development that will draw customers, make them pay attention on a given topic and induce defined reactions. Furthermore, UX also deals with intuitive and simple use of the given web pages and apps. To put it in layman’s terms it is a graph of relations between man and the site/app.

It is obvious that even the best and most powerful application won’t be successful if its interface is clunky and confusing or it does not catch an eye of its audience. UX specialists are try to answer the questions like “What can be done?” and “What influences customer reaction?” Experts research app user base to see how people react to the interface, what problems they encounter etc. The conclusion of such research is then analyzed to address found issues.

But UX is not only about fixing the marketable product. App and website development should start with devising a product that is focused on usability. Thus, first thing to think about is IA – Information Architecture – in which we plan the placement of information that app or page uses. Predicting user reaction should be the first thing taken into consideration. IA plan should be designed by graphic experts which will give it a proper shape.

UI – User Interface – deals with a general response to interface. It is focused mainly on the things users do and how they react to given stimuli: it checks their interest in content, motivates them to perform a task and provokes expected emotion.

Proper UX consists of all of the above and is built on a base of a myriad of different experiences and emotions of the users.

How to research UX?

There are a couple of tools to see user’s experience:

  • Google Analytics
  • Eye Tracking
  • Surveys
  • Testing the users

UX doesn’t have ready and obvious solutions and every project is different. It all depends on our personal goals and the user base we wish to build.

If you look for some basic UX, check UXCats :)

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