Social Media Marketing

How many people use social media every day?


That's 1,5 BILLION potential customers

You just need to target your service at those who might be interested!

How much time people spend on social media?


minutes every day

That's 2 hours of a commercial break your clients use willingly!

Social Media are very important when it comes to modern SEO. All kinds of sites, like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, are important when you wish to promote your website. They will guarantee popularity as well as respect, and a rise in website’s reputation.


facebook adverts and social media brands accountsWe use Social Media Marketing to promote your brand.


Constant updating of the social media profiles is extremely important as people notice the activity of a company or an individual, thus sharing the information with others and further advertising a specific business. Therefore, the information gradually spreads and the popularity of the social page links directly to your website. This is a fantastic way of releasing reliable information with content, thus providing evidence, data, statistics and other materials and persuading users to  research your website further. Social Media shows things that people are glad to see, such as offers, competitions, comments, news etc.



Social Media profiles are fundamental in marketing and can turn an ordinary website into a popular spot on the web.


It is vital to create social profiles  that are as strong as possible; this is because they improve SEO process as well as the entire company’s overall status. For example – according to the statistics the shares and likes on Facebook can significantly enhance the domino effect of people visiting the social profile and thus being interested in your website.

What we offer is a strong and reliable service.

we make your social profiles come to life, though it is up to you whether you choose to lead them by yourself, or have us do it instead. One thing is clear: the social content of your website is very important, and needs to include relevant information that would gain the attention of potential customers. We can guide you through that process, provide you all the information you require and lastly turn your social profiles into an area that could make your business/website stand out above all else on the market.

What Social Media means for Business?

Brand recognition

Greater profit

Good SEO support

Website traffic

How we work?

Social media management is much harder than adding posts, twitting and pinning photos. We communicate with your followers and make sure you are visible on the web not only as a company, but as a communication platform for your customers.

Facebook Ads

Nowadays, one of the most popular advertising methods - it is relatively cheap, very efficient and returns the investment expotentially. How we can use it?
What can you do thanks to Social Media ads?

  • Increase website traffic
  • Fanpage promotion (increasing number of likes)
  • Post promotion (upgrading customer relations)
  • App promo – encouraging users to use a given application
  • Event advertising

Facebook ads are shown in main newsfeed and on the right sidebar on Facebook.

You can target your ads on Facebook with an incredible precision, using:

  • Geolocalization: city, region, country or worldwide. You can also completely exclude some regions if you are not interested in them (for example (the whole United Kingdom EXCEPT London)
  • Demograpics: choose a specific customer, using standard data (sex, age, relationship status, education) and more detailed information (including employment history)
  • Personal Interests: your ads will be seen by people that have chosen interests: for example, you can direct your car dealership advert at people interested in one vehicle model.
  • Web behavior: ads directed at people using certain devices, for example ads specific for a given internet browser, only for mobiles or even only for a specific smartphone model.

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