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Search Engine Optimisation

seo services by mapi media manchester

The optimisation of websites is crucial in order to improve their status within the engines of the internet. Unfortunately, it is a time consuming process, but it is also extremely effective long term investment.

Search Engine Optimisation can be described as never ending process with one purpose – high positions in major search engines that eventually bring more traffic and clients.

Mapi Media is an international company; we have two branches, one in Manchester, UK and another in Bielsko-Biala, Poland. We have many years of experience in online marketing gained by promoting websites from many European countries.

Our experts always take their job very seriously, and will do anything in order to increase your visibility on the Internet. Bear in mind that we are able to fix any site that is concerned about falling down in the ranks of Google search engine.

seo services by mapi mediaSEO Audit and consultation

Are you wondering which strategy should you choose for advertising? Is your website completely ready to fight for the best positions in the search results? What is your competition doing right now? Each website and each market niche have their place on the Internet. Each client search for the desired product in a specific way. Each web traffic route should be taken into the consideration to be competitive.

Thanks to our support you can eliminate the most crucial mistakes and prepare your website in accordance with the newest rules of Search Engines.

Google constantly updates its algorithm, dozens of updates a year change the rules, local positions in results, positions on mobile devices… What was once a good SEO practice may be harmful today. What was once a novelty, today is a standard activity.

link buldingLink building and support pages

Although website Search Engine Optimisation is crucial, link building is the essence of SEO. Search engines focus on the best quality content and its natural creation. Gaining the best links, building support websites connected with the same topic – all of those activities are beneficial in the future.
Our SEO services are based on a proper diversification of used platforms – we gather links using huge portals, web 2.0 sites, infographics, internet forums and other places specific for a given market niche.

internet analytics for seoInternet Analytics

Google Analytics is a true knowledgebase about your clients, their behaviors and the most important traffic routes to your website from a specific target perspective. It can also say a lot about pros and cons of your web design and optimisation.

We will help you implement Google Analytics for your website. We will configure targets that will measure customer’s behavior and track the given campaign. We will integrate Google Analytics with other Google services.

Website optimisation in seo servicesWebsite optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the first steps on the road to a successful website advertising. The faster you use it, the better the results will be. SEO is composed of a variety of activities – code optimisation, website speed, content, internal linking, choice and placing of the key phrases in a proper section.

Each new website or CMS has some elements which should be organized from the start. Huge amount of old web pages are filled with errors, large and small, that hinder their ability to be on the top.

Local SEO

Google and other Search Engines nowadays are including localized search results to promote businesses operating in the area the search was commenced in. If you are trying to find customers who look for the services in your neighborhood, our CPC advertisement campaigns and natural (organic) search results shall help you reach them.

Why do you need SEO?

  • It is crucial for visibility

Importance of Search Engine Optimization is stressed by Google itself and it’s not surprising – it is the first step that allows you to be more visible (or even show up in the search results at all!) and enables you to gain better results in search results.

  • Most websites require optimization

Each website or CMS has its pros and cons when it comes to optimization – some pages create duplicate content or have url errors. Each new website should be properly optimized to eliminate such mistakes before you launch the website.

  • Beautiful, modern websites need SEO too!

If you are optimizing for certain key phrases, it is important to properly place them and to create unique content for them in accordance with Search Engine’s rules. Google robots ignore beautiful visuals and the marketing signal sent by the website. Even the most modern pages are not free from the most basic errors.

  • Experience and change

Granting, website optimization is one of the foundations of SEO services, but the change is constant in this field. Google updates its algorithms all the time and emphasizes content quality, website structure, duplicates, title taxonomy, internal linking, page speed, key phrase saturation. Aiming for achieving balance between all those factors allows for constant change and better optimization.

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