Penguin and other factors affecting SERP

Penguin and other factors affecting SERP

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Update of the Google Penguin algorithm implemented not long ago is still noticeable. Updates are constantly changing and affect many pages listed in Google Search Results.

SEO specialists inform, that the biggest update concerns website content. It seems that Google penalizes more strictly than before for the things you have (or don’t) on your page. The factors that can lead to a huge loss of position in search results are:

  • Duplicate content – even a few sentences “borrowed” from other sources can bring a website down very quickly;
  • The page is lacking in content or such content is not unique enough – those pages are treated by Google as “not useful” and sent far back in search results;
  • Website has too many subpages without any concrete content;
  • Google robots have problems with crawling (indexing/going through) the page;
  • Website has no images or the graphics don’t have proper alt descriptions and titles.

As you can see, the changes made in the update are significant, but that’s not all. We think that in the nearest future we will see some other upgrades to the algorithm that will have a huge role in changing strategies employed by SEO agencies once again. SO beware and monitor the changes in SERP carefully using Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.


photo by – 2nix

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