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Mapi Media Digital Marketing Agency was estabilished in 2012, first as a small company offering SEO and SEM services and later web design. In the recent years we have significantly expanded our range of services. Now we design small and big websites, e-commerce sites and develop web applications.

We have on our team experienced web and graphic designers, programmers, SEO and SEM consultants and copywriters. We are constantly gaining experience in web developing and SEO since it is not only our job, but also passion and we often spend free time learning and experimenting with new technologies and solutions.
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Meet our Digital Marketing Agency team

Artur Paszkowski
Specialist for the selection of strategies, the team manager and leader. Artur now has several years of experience in SEO, SEM, PPC, Analytics, Conversions, Social Media. After many years of managing networks, he discovered a passion for SEO, now with years of experience in positioning/hosting, he can successfully complete all varieties of projects ranging from simple websites to online stores and e-commerce.

Maja Czerwińska
Link Building, SEO, blogger, content manager and Social Media enthusiast. She possesses phenomenal knowledge about WebUsability and AdWords campaign experience. She studied Polish philology and multimedia marketing. She spends her evenings with InDesign and WordPress. A big fan of Doctor Who, British cinema, British music and Brits.

Szymon Hałat
SEO Specialist with over two years of experience in the industry, has worked with one of the biggest SEO companies in Poland due to his talent. He is responsible for optimizing websites for search deals with the selection of keywords, developing strategies for selected industries and analysis of competitors’ sites. He also deals with translations (An expert in English Philology, a part time assistant of a court translator). If he had a milion dollars, he would become Batman.

Sebastian Honkisz
Programmer, writes advanced applications in ASPNET, C#, C++, WPF, PHP, Java Script, XML. An expert developer of AJAX applications. Educated internet technician with passion for IT, big Microsoft fan.

Matt Stanaszek
A current Student of English. Copywriter, has a very good knowledge of the English language at the level of technical and utilitarian. Mainly takes care of the creation and translation of texts taking into account very important SEO steps that are vital for the webhosting and content.

Magda Stanaszek
An experienced graphic designer, specializing in creating graphics for websites and banner advertising.

Ilona Stawowczyk
Polish philology major with copywriting experience. She creates high quality texts for our clients and takes care of blogs. She was born with keyboard in her hands.

Mariusz Kuryło
Has more than 3 years of experience in SEO, performs audits and website optimization (including e-commerce), plans PPC campaigns and web visibility strategies He likes internet analytics, spreadsheets and green conversion indicators. In his free time he does graphic and web design. Doesn’t have free time.

Łukasz Gładkowski
Translator with almost a decade of experience, who worked in all media industries – from TV, through book publishing, ending with video game localization. A true Renaissance man  – deals with copywriting, web and graphic design and blogging. He played video games before he’s learnt to read and write and he still devotes most of his free time to them.


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