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Who are we and what we do?

SEO manchester agency
Mapi Media is SEO Agency and Web Design Company based in Manchester. We offer comprehensive services in online marketing – we build SEO optimised websites, launch social media and AdWords campaigns and overall, help your site to be visible on the Internet. Whether you are just starting a small business or you own a large established company, Mapi Media can help you.
We are well aware of how important the online image of your company actually is, therefore we offer the highest quality SEO services in UK. We always plan thorough marketing strategies, as every client is unique - you have your own specific history and defined goals to achieve.
We are a group of enthusiasts with quite few years of experience under our belts in SEO, web design and programming. Feel free to browse our website and contact us.

Web Design

Nowadays, without online presence your company does not really exist. Business website is not only an advert but clarification that company is in fact real and legitimate.
Mapi Media builds clean, responsive, SEO and user friendly websites based on Content Managements Systems (CMS), enabling quick and simple modification of content.
We can design and build a simple business portfolio website, as well as a huge and complex web portal with advanced apps and functions.
Mapi Media is an affordable online solution for your company.
SEO manchester agency

Professional seo services

SEO manchester agency
Even the most beautiful and the the most functional website is completely useless, if no one can find it on the Internet.
A website that ranks well in Search Engines brings more traffic and consequently increases business revenue.
The number of companies using SEO services is growing every year, as it is relatively the cheapest kind of high range marketing.
Ask yourself – can I afford to be far behind my competition, which is already using SEO tehniques?
As an international company, Mapi Media not only offers SEO services in the United Kingdom, but also in other parts of the world.

Web Apps Development

If you want to create a unique website that attracts customers and improves the efficiency of your company, Mapi Media develops applications and web solutions – complex order systems, online quotes, CRMs, web forms and many more. We have a team of programmers experienced in Microsoft .NET, C#, C++, WPF, PHP, JavaScript and database applications. If you have an idea for an application, or perhaps you need to add some functionality to your website, feel free to contact us so we can take care of the design and building process.
SEO manchester agency

Social Media

SEO manchester agency
Social Networks are the priority when it comes to marketing media.
Proficiently managed fan pages on services like Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus create better brand awareness and increase interest in your products.
We create shareable and engaging content that is adjusted to your brand.

Mapi Media Digital Marketing Agency can help you to create a positive online image of your company in the world of social media.

AdWords PPC campaigns

Advertisement in Google search engine uses sponsored links and aside from SEO, it is one of the most popular methods of web marketing – it gives results quickly, it has a wide reach, it is effective and it can precisely set the ad targeting criteria.

Thanks to properly prepared AdWords campaigns we are able to gain attention of the clients as soon as the campaign starts.
In case of AdWords campaign we try to precisely set the search engine inquiries that turn on the ad, which geographical location should be encompassed by such ad (shows up for a given region or a city) and what sub-page it directs to.

How we work?